We’ve just completed an 8-week pilot program based on the book Keeping Weight Off Forever. Here is what people are saying:

“Thank you- During this eight weeks I have experienced personal growth and weight loss. I now have built-in daily reminders of the tips and tools presented during the 8 weeks.”

“The exercises in the book were helpful in identifying components associated with my relationship to food. I love the analysis you use – not always food related.”

“The exercises made me realize that a lot of my mindless eating habits were actually conscious choices that I can control.”

“The concepts I learned are applicable to life.”

“Candidly, I struggled with it. All the talk of bad food made me think about wanting them.”

“When I think about the experience, I wish I had set a weight loss goal in the beginning. That way I could have practiced what I learned more.”

“The exercises required a lot of introspection. I could not complete them in the week timeframe.”

“This book helped me connect weight loss/food issues with thought patterns and behaviors. It gave me tools to use in the future and a different way of looking at the problem. It really resonated with me.”

“The lessons were critical to my success.”

“The calls were just right. It took me a few chapters before things started to click for me. It was the perfect launch to getting my brain in line to support any goals I might have, including weight loss.”