Thank you! What about depression?

  1. Thank you Dr. Macey for creating a place to ask questions or make comments as we learn to make our relationship with food a better one. How would one stop the depression once it’s set in? I go through different emotions each day (anxiety and depression) that is bound to cause a slip up. Doing my best to stay strong…
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Going through a typical day can deliver a variety of situations where we experience different emotional reactions. Our behavior is motivated by emotions; we are by nature emotional. With that said we can also decide how we are going to respond to situations. We can feel “anxious” or scared when in traffic because we might be late for an appointment. These emotions are typically fleeting. If we allow it to ruin our day that becomes a choice. It sounds like when you are experiencing a “negative” emotion like sadness, fear, or frustration food is the go to for comfort.

S.W.A.T. that thought!

Stop What you are doing

Ask: What is this emotion? How am I feeling? Would it be okay to wait for it to pass? Am I anxious? What am I afraid of right now? Am I experiencing the ups and downs of eating too much sugar?

Take Action: Depending on your answers, you might just take a deep breath and wait. Using a journal, you can write down your fears, the thoughts that create your experience of anxiety.

With all that said, the chronic experience of depression and anxiety can be caused by imbalances in neurochemistry. Studies suggest that will-power is useful to help yourself over the hump. Will-power is short bursts of energy one can muster up to get going. Medication is not necessarily a cure but can be part of the self-care necessary to manage those emotional ups and downs. We have the power to manage those thoughts that cause emotional disruptions in our daily life. “Swatting” can help retrain your brain and stop some of the thought loops that keep you feeling uncomfortable.