Do you ever feel like you have tried everything under the sun to lose weight and nothing works?

Like most people, you’ve probably lost weight only to regain it again. Part of the problem is there is so much information out there, it’s confusing. Susan’s coaching programs will give you proven strategies that have helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off. Working with Susan is where binge eating stops and freedom begins. It’s where you can get off the cycle of being on again off again of dieting. You will learn how to reprogram your brain so you’re able to reclaim your power over food, feel more confident and in control when temptations present themselves.


Do you ever feel like you’re alone on your journey? Do you feel overwhelmed by having to plan meals and make room for exercise in your lifestyle? Susan’s coaching is founded on the 3 pillars to successful weight loss and stabilization. These pillars include Defining – Aligning – Refining

Susan’s coaching programs will give you:

  1. Proven strategies that help you effortlessly Navigate Temptations and Cravings
  2. A step by step solution that will get you to your Goal Without Exercising
  3. A method on how to Lose the Weight You Want Without Feeling Deprived
  4. An easy method for creating your “food” lane so you NO Longer Spend Time Planning
  5. Methods for getting Back on Track when you’ve gotten out of your “food” lane

And much more!

Susan’s programs are a Step by step process for changing your relationship to food, by stopping the self-sabotaging scrips which let you take back your power over food so you can Experience More Energy, Freedom, and Control in your Life.

Email Susan today and find out how you can design your personal wellness journey. Smaceyphd@gmail.com