August 1st 2019 – November 1st, 2019

Go Beyond the Diet: Coaching

Exclusively for Ideal Protein Clients

August 1st 2019 – November 1st, 2019

Go Beyond the Diet: Coaching

Exclusively for Ideal Protein Clients

Kick Off Call: August 1st 2019,    6 PM – 7 PM

Go Beyond the Diet!

Starting a new diet can be exciting. It’s a chance to start over, push the reset button and begin anew. Often, as a coach for IDP, we see clients experience immediate weight loss, and we are ecstatic!

Over time though, the excitement wears off and the ability to make good choices becomes more difficult. As a result, we get frustrated, angry, and disappointed in ourselves and the diet we rode in on. If we want to stop the nonsense cycle of yo-yo dieting, we must change our relationship to food.

This, specially designed coaching program is a cognitive behavioral based program designed to teach you how to take back your power over food and be more successful.

The thought-mood connection is the driver behind our behaviors and our automatic responses to challenging feelings, relationships, and situations in our life. 

Go Beyond the Diet: COACHING


Book, Workbook & food journal

$25.95 + SH (6.00)

the program

Participants that complete this 3-month program should be able to

Utilize a “thought stopping” tool and become more intentional about behaviors, so you never have to feel powerless again.


Identify roadblocks

to success and ways around them, increasing your unstoppable feelings of success.


utilize course

correction strategies when getting off track, and never feel like you’ve blown your diet forever.


align personal

power and motivation so you are clear about your goals and never have to lose motivation again.



the many invisible drivers that impact decision making so you feel more in control and on track with your goals.


3 months of weekly coaching calls: Wednesday evenings at 6 pm. Calls last about 1 hour; however, I will stay on the line for as long as it takes for everyone to get the help they need. Please download Zoom for our video conference calls. Calls will be recorded.

Weekly videos sent to your email address. Sunday morning a new video that covers the topic for the week will be delivered to your inbox.

Unlimited email support. Email me anytime with questions and I will respond as quickly as I can, usually within an hour.
Book, workbook, and food journal.

Reminder: This program does not replace your face-to-face coaching time


This program is a Step by step process for changing your relationship to food, by stopping the self-sabotaging scrips. You can take back your power over food, and Experience More Energy, Freedom, and Control in your Life.

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Go Beyond the Diet Coaching Program

Book, Workbook & Food Journal