Needs are like grains of sand

Even though the grains are all different sometimes, it's hard to tell them apart. Urges are thoughts manifesting as needs. If we focus on the urge, we overlook the actual need. We have basic needs according to Maslow hierarchy of needs. Which include: 1. Safety 2. Love and belonging 3. Self-esteem, achievement, and autonomy 4.… Continue reading Needs are like grains of sand


Old ways of thinking are like quicksand

The more you fight to defend them the faster you will sink. I just finished a great book called "So Good They Can’t Ignore You" by Cal Newport. His ideas about work success went against everything I’ve ever heard. Mind Blown! Cal’s book debunks the notion of “follow your passion.” He talks about focusing on building… Continue reading Old ways of thinking are like quicksand



The thought that we aren’t triggered by our environment is like thinking we have control over our environment. It’s not possible. Everywhere we go we are met with things that trigger our thoughts and behavior. It might be a person, situation, or something we see or smell. We get triggered. What we do in that… Continue reading Triggers