Dr. Susan Macey is a psychotherapist, Certified Integrative Nutritionist, speaker, and Director of The Center for Counseling Families. She is also the author of the book and workbook, Keeping Weight off Forever. Dr. Macey talks about the invisible drivers behind unhealthy behaviors and strategies for overcoming a dysfunctional relationship to food.

In her psychotherapy practice, Dr. Macey specializes in obesity and obesity-related issues. Her research has focused on coping strategies for optimal weight loss outcomes. As a certified nutritionist, she believes nutrition is the cornerstone for healing the mind and body.

Dr. Macey has worked with a variety of organizations and taught nationally and internationally. She has worked with organizations such as United Airlines, The United Negro Foundation, The Credit Union Association NAVSEA, Marine Corps, and Arlington County Government to name a few.

She believes that life has its obstacles and its opportunities. The key is to navigate the obstacles so that you can experience the opportunities.