When is a moment a revelation?

When does a moment become a revelatiobigstock--139882652n and ultimately a transformation? NEVER!

Transformations are made up of many revelations and hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of moments. All these micro-moments move us towards personal revelations, change, and ultimately transformation.

Social media, “reality” TV, and feel good shows lead us to believe that transformations happen because we will it. A snap of the fingers, a flick of the wrist, or a blink of an eye.  Whether the “we” is the person who needs to transform or the “we” are those who love and support other’s in their quest for transformation “willing” it with a “just do it” attitude never works. It only serves to contribute to everyone involved feeling disappointed, frustrated, and hurt.

It’s easy to get brainwashed with commercials touting “just do it” attitudes. These slogans demean and diminish the human struggle for change. We want it yesterday, we want it fast, easy and of course, we want it painless. For those loved ones sitting on the sideline, anticipating, hoping, and waiting we can’t help but want this to pass. We secretly want others to change yesterday, quickly, and permanently so we can get on with the business of our lives.

The truth is no one can snap their fingers and demand or will another’s transformation. We can’t insist that a moment for one is a pivotal revelation on the road to transformation for another. Real life isn’t lived in whittled down, fast-forwarded 45-minute segment of “stop doing that and do this.”

Are you struggling with a change? Do you need to make a transformation from self-destructive behaviors to healthier ones? Maybe it’s food, shopping, alcohol, or substances. Is someone in your life struggling to change and you’re finding yourself hurt, frustrated, or even angry?

Remember a moment is just a moment. It takes a string of moments to create revelations and hundreds of revelations to manifest transformation. Don’t look at what you hope the transformation will be, instead celebrate the moments, even if they feel fleeting. We are all on a journey and no two journies are the same. My journey is not about you and your journey is not about me. Each soul has its journey and each journey is paved with trials and tribulations designed to teach and transform.

“A moment is not a transformation, it’s simply one step along the journey.”

Susan Macey PhD

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