The Tapestry

Every life is made of fine threads of spun fibers. These fibers create the fabric, which is the woven tapestry that we call life.

Some things in life we can’t choose. We can’t choose our family, the weather, how we look, and what other people think and do.

We can, however, choose how we respond to life. We can choose how we respond to circumstances that are out of our control. We can choose how we respond when other people judge us, make assumptions about us or treat us poorly. We can choose how we treat others, intentionally or unintentionally. We can determine whether we experience our days as good or bad, stressed or angry.

If we choose to respond with anger, jealousy, fear, or condemnation, we will weave a tapestry that is cloudy, hazy, and gloomy. Shades of gray.

If we choose to respond to those same circumstances with love, gratitude, and humility, we will weave our tapestry full of bright, shiny, electric colors. Colors that capture the sun, the moon, seas, and mountains. Every color possible between heaven and earth.

At the end of our days, as we look back over our tapestry, we will be satisfied and content for a life well loved, and a life well lived.

Your true power lies in how you choose to weave your tapestry.


Susan Macey, PhD

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