Who do you say you are?

When asked outright “Who are you?” many of you will describe your roles – mom, dad, friend, sibling. You might even describe your job-nurse, fireman, or manager.

This is not who you are. It is what you do or the role you play. It’s part of you, but you are than that.

Who you say you are, comes out in the words and phrase you use to describe yourself. Things like “I can’t do that.” “I have no motivation” “I am just lazy” or “I always___.”

In his book ‘The Four Agreements,’ Don Miguel Ruiz suggests your word is your power. The first agreement is to be “impeccable with your word.” When we say things about ourselves that are self-deprecating or self-defensive, we are not treating ourselves well.

How do you describe yourself? Do you keep saying you’re a “failure” or that you can’t measure up to some invisible measuring stick?

S.W.A.T. that thought!

Stop What you are doing, take a breath
Ask yourself: Is this statement I am thinking/voicing helpful to my self-image or hurtful? Is this an area of improvement or a character flaw?

Take Action: Take some time and write down your response and look for ways in which what you say isn’t always true. If it is true at times, think how you might improve it.

Stop throwing yourself under the bus! No one is perfect.

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