Thoughts are like magnets

Wherever you point it, things stick to it.
Wherever your thoughts go, so shall you.

The way we think about situations, people, and ideas creates how we experience our life. If you want to experience more positive interactions with people and experience more joy in your life you must begin by thinking about life that way. Joyful!

Life will show up how you think it will.

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When my kids were small, I’d walk into the house and see the mess. It would frustrate me and I’d begin to nit

pick at the nanny for not cleaning

the house. Over time as I drove into the drive way, knowing, expecting, and ultimately finding that the house was a mess my drive home would upset me.

My mood would sour and I’d miss all the good things that were happening.

I missed the joy in my son’s eyes as I walked through the door. I neglected to realize that the kids were happy, playful, and eager to spend time with me.

So, I decided I wanted to change my experience, I wanted to be joyful and happy when I got home. I decided to try an experiment. I’d look for all the things that were right in the house.

As I walked into the house I noticed that the kids were just waking from a nap. Awesome! I noticed that they had done a painting project earlier and they left the paints out so I could do the project also. I noticed how thoughtful that was, rather than thinking it as just a mess.

Immediately I felt joyful, excited, and happy to be home.

To change how you experience your life, you have to change how you think.

S.W.A.T. that negative thought!
Stop What you are doing: Take a breath
Ask yourself some questions: What is most important here, the mess or the relationship with the kids? What are the good things I notice?
Take action: Practice noticing what is right, good, and pleasant in your life.

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