Making A Difference is Like the Flu

It’s infectious.

How can one person make a difference in a world so big?

How can one person make a positive impact when there is so much?

Often, we see ourselves as incapable of making a difference.

Because of time, money, and skill.

We think making a difference is having to change the world by feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, or clothing the naked. While these are admirable philanthropic endeavors, making a difference does not have to include going to these lengths for it to be enough.

What is enough?

Can a smile be enough? Can a nod of recognition be enough? Holding a door open or someone or letting the car ahead of you merge in front. Can that be enough?

If my attitude were different, my anger, defensiveness, jealousy, or righteousness was eliminated, could I make a difference then?

What if I stopped blaming my parents, siblings, boss, friends, children, or spouse for everything wrong in my life, could I make a difference if I stopped playing the victim?

Making a difference begins with changing how you interact with the world. We can create a positive existence by cultivating positive thoughts. Thoughts that center around gratitude, love, and compassion.

When we simply live with these positive thoughts in our heart we will naturally make a difference in the world.

When other’s experience our joy, gratitude, love, and compassion it’s infectious.

And that’s enough.

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