S.W.A.T. Chat

Please join our S.W. A.T.chat group. This is where we share our stories, ideas, and get help along our weight loss journey. Confused about S.W.A.T? No problem, we’d be glad to help you. Everyone needs encouragement, support, and a new way of looking at an old problem.

Today is a snow day! This is great because I can catch up on all the work I’ve been neglecting. The only issue is, I am also around the kitchen quite a bit. Temptations abound. Each time I go into the kitchen I S.W.A.T. that thought of “what can I eat now?” I stopped what I was doing, asked myself questions: am I hungry? Am I bored? What do I need right now? I decided to heat up some tea, leave the kitchen and focus on the activities that need to be completed. I feel so much better.

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